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What does the 1911 census collection contain?

The surviving 1911 census pages consist of the original household pages and the enumerators’ summary books.
  • The household schedules were the forms completed by each household. Every person who stayed in the house that night (household members and guests) in theory was included on the form
  • Enumerators’ summary books (ESBs) were the books completed by each enumerator from the information provided in the household schedules
  • The ESBs contain summaries of several households on one page – usually on the same street.

What 1911 census documents can I see online?

When you view an original page you will initially be shown the household schedule. The associated enumerator’s summary book images can be viewed, at no extra charge, by clicking the links above the image.

You can also choose to view a modern transcript of the original page. You might choose to view a transcript if you find the handwriting difficult to read, or if you need to view several documents to confirm the identity of a person you are searching for.

How complete are the 1911 census records?

The collection of household schedules is complete, although around five per cent sustained water damage many years ago. All records have been scanned and transcribed, though inevitably the water-damaged documents are of poorer quality.

A small portion of the enumerators’ summary books are missing from the archives and therefore will never be available to view online.

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