Early release & redaction

Early release and redaction

The 1920 Census Act

The 1920 Census Act required the closure of census information to the public for 100 years. However, the 1911 census is not covered by this act and in December 2006 the Information Commissioner’s Office (new window) ruled that access should be given to the 1911 census, but that personally sensitive information should remain closed for a full 100 years.

What is meant by ‘sensitive information’?

Sensitive information consists of:
  • Details of infirmity and other health-related information
  • Information about family relationships that would have been kept secret
  • Details of children born to women in prison, who were aged three or under at the time of the census

Redaction and release

On 1911census.co.uk, you can now view the previously hidden information in the 'infirmity' column of the 1911 census. If your ancestors filled in this column, you'll be able to see new information about your family's health in 1911.

On the 1911 census transcriptions, you'll also be able to see any recorded details of children born to women in prison who were aged three or under at the time of the census.

The 100 year rule and censuses after 1911

All censuses after 1911 are covered by the 1920 Census Act, so the 1921 census and all censuses thereafter will remain closed for 100 years.