The National Archives and the 1911 census

The National Archives has entered into a licensing agreement with brightsolid (formerly Scotland Online) to provide online access to the 1911 Census records. The following series are included under this heading:
  • RG14 - 1911 Census Schedules RG78 - 1911 Enumerators Summary Books
  • Digitisation of the filmed records was undertaken onsite at Kew by contractors working for brightsolid and it is envisaged that the entire indexed series of records will be available online during 2009
  • Associates like brightsolid are providing a value added service making our records easily searchable and more widely available to our readers in their own homes worldwide, and so are permitted to charge a reasonable amount for the service
  • The Associate is required to fund investment in digitisation, cataloguing, indexing, hosting, delivery, technical support and marketing of Online Services of National Archives-held records. The National Archives does not pay for any part of the development of the service, but receives a royalty based on a percentage of net invoiced revenue from the Online Service. This is retained by the Archives and used to fund other projects
  • The costs involved in implementing and maintaining online services are not inconsequential and this approach fits in with our e-Business Strategy, in response to the government's target to enable citizens to have electronic access to government services. Online access to digitised images of our documents over the Internet is a very important element of this commitment
  • The reality is that digitising these documents and making them available on the Internet has always been a task beyond the resources of The National Archives because of the vast size of the archive. We therefore sought Licensed Internet Associates to help us achieve this vision by participating in the commercial digitisation of genealogical and other records
  • Our agreement with brightsolid builds on the success of existing Licensed Internet Associateship deals with Ancestry, GenesReunited and and will allow these popular records to be made accessible to the general public for the first time